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Trey Simon




Opening for Patti LaBelle, Soundboard- Motor City Casino. Detroit, MI. 


Jazz Cafe at Music Hall- Detroit- Doors at 7 p.m.


Singers In the Round ep. 2 @ The Parliament Room at Otus Supply- Ferndale- Doors at 7 p.m.

About Trey simon

Hailing from the cityscapes of Rochester, Michigan (just north of Detroit), recording artist Trey Simon hit the ground in the Detroit music scene in 2012. He invites his audience into the Trey Simon Experience at every performance and takes them on a acoustic soul journey that they will never forget. His unique sound has defined his artistic merit and his image as an artist fast on the rise. His sound and persona is best described as authentic, spiritual, passionate, romantic and classic. He has an insatiable knack for fashion and speaking to the public on passionate topics based on his life story: Blended Culture, Urban/Suburban Life, Homelessness, Children of Divorced Parents, and Unity through Music.

Trey began playing the guitar after finding a dusty old acoustic Gibson under his uncle’s bed. He was soon addicted to the sound, the tone and the art.  It was his vacation, his escape and his focus. As his musicianship developed so did his writing style and technique. He has always had a natural gift for writing lyrics and through his dark places in his life, his ability to write sincere songs about hope and love was born. 

Since his inception into the music world,  Trey has had the opportunity to grace the stage and open for national industry greats such as Pattie Labelle, Andy Allo, Nick Thomas, Andy Grammar, Andra Day and Stokely, lead singer for the ultra Talented R&B Band Mint Condition.  Soul, Pop, Gospel, Jazz, R&B and Rock are all sounds heard at a Trey Simon show.  With every performance the audience will hear influences by an eclectic group of national and legendary artists Influencers; John Legend, Nat King Cole, Sam Smith, Stevie Wonder, BB King, John Mayer, etc. The list is extensive. 

Trey’s hometown has shown their love for his music through a "SOLD OUT" show at The Historic Cliff Bells, 2 "SOLD OUT" performances at the beautiful 20 Front Street, many appearances on “Live in the D” and WDIV Channel 4 and a host of festivals and concerts.

Trey Simon released his debut "What The Future Holds" in 2014 that did well locally as a promotional EP. Now currently working on his next project, he's in the studio with Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Quentin Dinnard, and also with Grammy Award Winning co-writer, Ashlie Rose (Tattoo).  The project is s slated for release in 2018. Trey Simon’s highly anticipated EP has received positive reception among the industry and music community collectively and will be competitive in the marketplace.

Trey is on a mission to ignite unity in the name of timeless music that makes an impact of love, romance, hope, change and triumph.

Trey Simon intimate session information

This is a one-of-a-kind personal experience where I will come share my music to small group. I will have the opportunity to mix and mingle, engage in a few glasses of wine, light some candles, etc. Intimate sessions are the best because we can share stories, have conversations and connect on a personal level. I can come to your living room or to a small venue.

Radio Interviews

The Progressive Underground

Hosted by WDET 101.9's Chris Campbell. Listen on demand:

The Principles Show

Hosted by Motor City Woman. Listen to me perform live and take part in a discussion about homelessness in the city and the programs available to help. Listen on demand:

On the Go with Tiffany Patton

Hosted by Tiffany Patton. Listen on demand:


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